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The Life of a Figure Competitor

Arrive in San Diego.

KianaFans: Share

My New Green Suit by Renee

What do you all think of my new green suit by Renee?

@KianaPhi Responds to @HardBodyNews on Twitter

Watch Kiana Phi do Pull-ups in the Gym

Interrupt Kiana Phi in the gym while she does her pull-ups at the gym in October 2010. Workout with Kiana Phi at the Gym. Energize your workout along side an IFBB Professional, not in the traditional trainer-student relationship, but as a friend, colleague, and gym-buddy.

@KianaPhi responds to @KRISSYCHIN on Twitter

I want to personally thank everyone who watches and sends feed back – positive or helpful – about my videos. I love you all!

@KianaPhi Responds to @AscentSO #KianaFans

Yesterday at the Gym

First Post- Kiana Phi News

This is our first post at KianaPhi.com  and well will continue to impress and please you, my fans. So, bare with us as our adventure unveils.

And for the time being, here is a new photo for your downloading, enjoyment!


#KianaFans, what are your Frid…

#KianaFans what are your Friday Night plans? I will tell you mine if you share with me. :)